Testimonials — See what our participants have to say

RESURRECTION. I feel like a new person. I felt broken and then built back up. I love everyone in my ROOTS community and I AM going to come back on STAFF!
— Tristan R., Piscataway High School
ROOTS helped me realize a lot about myself, and discovering me and my identities is only going to help me stand in solidarity.
— Alyssa B., Secaucus High School
Life changing! ROOTS has ensured that I will make a change. I have built a very strong community which I love. I have experienced something indescribable.
— Yves M., Kent Place School
Empowering. ROOTS opened my eyes to problems that I think about and then move past. It created a safe space for me to express my feeling about the issues that I often hide. It encouraged me to make changes with myself and my community.
— Aneela K., Kent Place School
AMAZING: This program was a once in a lifetime opportunity that has and will continue to change my life. Because of this, my language has changed.
— Piney A., Highland Park High School
POWERFUL: The knowledge I learned is powerful. The people I met are powerful. I became more powerful because of ROOTS!
— Sylvia S,, Memorial High School