Oppression exists. At The ROOTS Project, we believe that all of us have the power to help dismantle it. We work with youth, educators, families, and all individuals to tap into the feeling of wholeness that we have been taught to forget. 

Reclaiming our potential. Anti-bias, anti-harassment, and anti-bullying are all words that define us in contrast to a problem. The ROOTS Project is about inclusion. An individual who has found her whole voice feels little need to bully, harass, or act on bias. Reconciling with our roots, both the beautiful and the painful, is the first step to taking responsibility, maintaining integrity, committing to self-reflection, and cultivating compassion in those roots.

As our inclusive roots expand, the world becomes a safer and more equitable place for all the generations to come.

Seeking Change


We believe that all persons have a story that is valid and true. Individual healing is undeniably linked to the healing of our society and earth. 

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The ROOTS Crew


A collection of interesting folks with their hearts in the same place. 

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Sow Your Seeds

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Allowing youth to explore pieces of their identities and feel whole within and without those identities is crucial to creating a more equitable and just society.

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