The youth of our world are our potential. They are the seeds through which more roots and branches will grow. At ROOTS, we believe that allowing youth to explore topics of identity, build self-love and self-esteem, and learn tools to manage conflicts and bias can be the foundation upon which a more equitable and just society can grow. We believe that once individuals feel whole, they can begin to dismantle the multiple layers of oppression, from the inside out.

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 Project ROOTS

Project ROOTS is a weeklong residential program for high school students (entering grades 10-12). Schools and community groups can send delegations of between 4-8 students in order to build the critical mass needed to catalyze social change.   

During this life-changing journey, our youth participants will:

  • better understand themselves and feel empowered in their identity

  • cultivate self-esteem and self-love

  • develop empathy for the experiences of others from diverse backgrounds

  • build the cultural intelligence necessary for engaged global citizenship

  • learn strategies for self-care through mindfulness practices

  • gain the tools with which to challenge bias, bullying and oppression

  • create a growth plans to catalyze change at the personal, interpersonal and systemic levels

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: 2015 Project ROOTS Student Testimony

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